Free Sample


I was just talking with a client about giving away a free sample. A FREE sample you say?! Now why would anyone give something away for free? Isn’t the idea to get customers that will pay for my product or service? Well, yes, and that’s why giving them a “taste” for your product or service might help convert a potential client into a paying customer.

Let me explain my reasoning. You know when you go into a bakery or restaurant and you see that tempting plate with the sign that reads “free sample”, well, you usually take a sample, its free, so what’s the harm. Maybe if you are on a diet or its a food you would never eat you might not take it, but if you do, chances are you’ll be “hooked”. The same business strategy can be used for your business, be it a service or a product. You offer just a sample, or a bite-sized portion to your potential client.

Examples of this would be to offer a free digital download on your website. Often its a one- to two-page PDF offering advice, or tips in your area of expertise. Or it could be a permanent feature on your website, like a brief, one- to two-minute video highlighting the features of your product or service, or a lesson-plan. The same applies to your social media pages.

If you offer a product, your sample could be a branded with your logo product sample. Something very inexpensive. An item that costs very little, like the type of product a business might typically hand-out at a trade show.

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